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mediocre 767 (go ruck yourself)

one week left to get a shirt.
a pillowcase full of walnuts.
where is my g2.
tube dog.
mediocre university.
WWII history with eric.
go frank yourself.
jonesin for a moishy.
peefoot charlie.
jw tumbles.
please force.
patt gets a complex.
then frank does.
clojo rn.
totally caught up on the voicemails.
jimmy’s junkets for rampage.
go get in on the shirt preorder at
thank you to all the new and old scorpions.
voicemail line: 484.381.0666
twitter: @themediocreshow @erictomorrow @theworkfrank
subscribe to the scorpions of support to help the show continue.
mediocre show
PO box 1303
west chester pa 19380

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