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mediocre 757 (tender loin cloth)

the longest show in years.
eric, frank, robyn, patt.
4:30pm show.
dr kiwishitz.
mopar winfrey.
bathroom moose attack.
new grocery store smell.
jason the meat nomad.
feel the freshness.
the lion the witch and the fishtanks.
eric’s surprise party.
poop knife.
the muse.
beer feeling.
plumb, square, and level.
kept to candy.
cartridges holes.
find the aardvark.
picky stick.
brother from another rubber.
part loves taylor swift.
tingly finger.
proud gay running american.
mold holders.
dr position.
4th best.
butthole updates.
giggle brothers.
hey frank, i’m not sure what this next one says, but i think it says “the 3 ones” is that right?
thank you to all the new and old scorpions.
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mediocre show
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