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mediocre 324 (don’t be a litterbug)

recorded live 7/28/10 at 8pm on arecibo radio.


and several other people.

hairy trucker wishes all of you happy birthdays.

back after the summer break.

good to be back.

new song from neil in toronto.

there’s always hope.

thanks for all the well wishes and gifts for the wedding.


wedding recap.

listener party less than 3 weeks away.

canada hates littering.

BBQ battle date announced sept 11.

worst caller ever.

we talk about only 1 movie with jeff vice.

mediocre listener party #1

august 14 2010

thanks for listening.

live call in number: 610.624.1702

voicemail line: 206.666.5900

twitter: @themediocreshow

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mediocre show

PO box 1587

havertown, PA 19083

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