Month: May 2007

mediocre 95 (summertime)

the nation, might not be the best singers.

top 5.


some people you have been missing recently.

longest bike ride ever.


love/ hate

new promo from the awful show

thanks for listening.

206.666.5900 /

mediocre 94 (mothers day)

this show is dedicated to hesham, and his mom. you are in our thoughts. be strong.

this is a special episode dedicated to mothers all across the mediocre nation. we love our moms, and your moms, and moms in general. so happy mothers day from us at the mediocre show. thanks for listening.

206.666.5900 /

mediocre 92 (R2retard)

perkin’s grandma.

taylor’s mom.

eric’s mom.

lots of moms.

and some news.

some internet myths.

some love hate.

some good times.

have you mom or your grandma call in, or call in a nice message for them.

thanks for listening. / 206.666.5900

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