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The Noss Challenge
An open letter to the Scorpions of Mediocrity:

Most of you might remember the show recently where the mixer died and the show almost didn't happen. The Scorpions of Mediocrity did an awesome job making sure the gear was replaced.

Let's not stop there. Let's join the Scorpions together into the Steamroller of Mediocrity and crush everything in our path. I'm calling you assholes out. Donate. For advertising. For hardware. So Eric can go to WaWa and get some of that cheap chocolate milk he likes so well.

Eric and I had a conversation in email recently where he was passing an idea off me for something he and Matt wanted to do with the show. I was able to help out and provide some gear they needed, and I think it will add a significantly awesome element to the show. A significant video element.

Eric and Mike have some great ideas for the show and could use some hardware/donations/broken toilets fed-ex'd to *address removed by Admin* to make their dreams of mediocrity come to life. Do whatever you can. Whether it's a new microphone, sweet-ass video editing console, or a 30 foot high knuckles logo spraypainted on a building for advertising, everything counts. Below are some links to places to get gear off the wishlist, that will ship directly to the mediocre show world headquarters. Let's make this the Mother Of All Podcasts!

MOAP Scorpion Noss

Sweetwater Wishlist: