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Since 2005, The Mediocre Show has been bringing you fake talk radio that is strikingly average. Eric and Mike broadcast weekly live from Philadelphia, to a group of dedicated worldwide fans that call themselves the Mediocre Nation. The show features weekly segments, listener calls, and independent music. The Mediocre Show is not a zainy morning zoo program filled with stunts and whacky hi-jinx, it's 2 guys that aren't afraid to tell you what you should be thinking.

Tune in every week at 8pm eastern on The Mediocre Radio Network. Call us live at 610.624.1702, or you can leave us a voicemail at 206.666.5900. Sit back, grab yourself a beer, and enjoy your journey to the middle of the road.
Eric Tomorrow

Born 1978, realized he was interested in talk radio at an early age as he was exposed to mostly that by his father who solely listened to talk radio as Eric was growing up in the shadows of Philadelphia. Throughout his high school years, although his interest in music grew (because girls like guys in bands, right?) his love for talk radio continued and yes, festered. After graduating high school and taking a little time to contemplate a social life built around computer backgammon, Eric enrolled in college at Full Sail in Orlando, FL where he obtained his degree in audio engineering, while spending time surfing, living off Lipton cheddar broccoli pasta, and beginning his wicked hot sauce collection.

Once out of college and back to the lovely area of Philaburbia, Eric started up a BMX/skate clothing company called Mediocre. He also worked for a few sound production companies that allowed him to gain more experience in the audio field while making some very hard-earned dollars and witnessing one of his best friends drive a forklift into a water main. Still in his mind…talk radio.

He began DJing for various clubs getting paid the gas it took him to drive to the location and back, but the enjoyment of DJing and the free alcohol were well worth it.

In the fall of 2005, Eric began The Mediocre Show, which, at the time, consisted of him somewhat nervously talking at a microphone in his 1-bedroom apartment alongside his trusty and often lippy dog, Chaka (Sandwiches).

Twitter - TheMediocreShow | Facebook - mediocreshow | Website - EricTomorrow.com

Mike Pilot

(AKA Tha Mike) born July, 29 1975 is gaming nerd/web&graphics designer/fake radio host/star wars geek from the dangerous streets of Reading, Pennsylvania. He now resides outside Reading, PA with his beautiful wife Ariana, amazing 6 year old daughter Anyah, an Italian Mastiff named Kabuto, a Great Dane named Zelda and two cats named Toonces and Kit Kat. (RIP Samson and Reeces)

Mike started his broadcasting career back in his early 20's when he stumbled into radio by chance by being hired to board op Phillies baseball games on a miniscule AM station in York, PA. He decided after a few hours that his funny commentary would be better than the real announcers and figured no one was listening anyway so he started announcing the games himself. After being with the AM station for a week, the sister FM station which was top 40 at the time switched to Alternative and all the DJ's quit. He was moved over to the FM station to do the 7-Midnight shift on weeknights and eventually became # 3 in the market. After the station started carrying the Howard Stern show in the mornings, the PD decided to hire real DJ's and he was switched to overnights on the weekends where he remained until he could't take any more requests for Michael Jackson's Black or White or TLC's Waterfalls.

Mike spent the past three years hosting/producing/killing himself on The Awful Show (host, co-creator, producer) podcast, using his talents to cause the show to steadily rise up the iTunes featured comedy page listing. After three years of being a king of his industry some unfortunate events arose and he decided to retire from the show. Fortune smiled upon him weeks later when he was offered to co-host The Mediocre Show with his good friend Eric Tomorrow.

Mike brings with him years of broadcasting experience. Even though it may not be top notch, for some reason for Mike it works. He also brings a unique view of the world, a strange sense or humor and a lack of a brain filter to this powerhouse of a show.

Mike also the host, co-creator and producer of the Full Of Sith Star Wars Podcast. Full Of Sith is a show dedicated to bringing the most interesting Star Wars Conversations in the Galaxy. Aside from breaking news in the world of Star Wars, we’ll talk the philosophy and influence of Star Wars just as readily as the deep mythology it represents. Hosted by Tha Mike Pilot (Mediocre Show, Obviously Oblivious, The Awful Show), Bryan Young (author, filmmaker, writer for StarWars.com), and Consetta Parker (Publicist, Rancho Obi-Wan), it’s your mandatory dose of Star Wars talk. l-o-l (-o-) l-o-l - http://www.fullofsith.com

Additionally Mike is the host, co-creator and producer of the comedy podcast Obviously Oblivious based in Mohnton, Pennsylvania which also streams on the Mediocre Radio Network every other Sunday night at 7:05 pm eastern. (the weeks in between the live shows Mike interviews different talents from Neil deGrass Tyson to Bryan Young, Eric Tomorrow, Kerry Jackson, Mos Jeff Anderson, C Jason Bilbrey and many more) With Evil Cat, South Philly Paul and their strange brand of brutally honest comedy mixed with science talk, you’re never far from hearing an uncomfortable argument, ball busting shananary or some really educational talk about the universe we reside. OO as their listeners lovingly call it can also be find in the iTunes top 100 Comedy podcasts and anywhere else you can find/stream/download podcasts. - http://www.obviouslyoblivious.com

Mike started his podcasting career on the now retired but wildly successful show called the Awful Show (host, co-creator, producer) from 2006 thru 2009 - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/awful-show-the/id161972632

Twitter - ThaMike | Facebook - ThaMike | Website - MikePilot.com or ThaMike.com | Instagram - ThaMike


(AKA: The Lady Tomorrow) born February 20th, 1979 grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia in a very similar to and often intertwined environment with, Mr. Tomorrow.

Hope’s appreciation of the arts began at a very young age – creating art, singing, dancing, playing instruments – and this love of the arts continued through highschool and into college where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Dance and a minor in Music.  While this degree is currently not helping her career, she notes the $40,000 to ‘play with metal, wood, and other fun materials’; ‘sing her lungs out’ and ‘dance her ass off’ was worth every penny. *Her parents may think differently.  It was in highschool however, when Hope was singing/playing bass guitar and “managering” her brothers band that she was introduced to Mr. Tomorrow at a show.

The two dated for a short time and lost touch but then found one another again after 11 years and have been inseparable ever since. When they got back together and were sharing what they’d been up to since highschool, Eric introduced Hope to “The Mediocre Show”.  Listening to the show every week, Hope recognized Eric’s tremendous talent; constantly laughing her ass off; sleep talking; and of course supporting the progress of the show in anyway possible.

Upon Mike’s acceptance to co-host the show with Eric, Mike requested Hope would also have a microphone and Eric agreed it would be a nice addition to the show.
Each week, Hope brings news (and class) to the show and keeps Eric and Mike in line.

Twitter - LadyTomorrow

Jeff (Viceroy) Vice
Jeff Vice is the movie smack-talker for The Deseret News (Salt Lake City), The Geek Show Podcast and The Mediocre Show.

Professionally … if you can really consider him a professional … Jeff writes movie reviews and occasional music reviews for the Deseret News, and offers his opinions Thursday mornings on the Radio From Hell program for Utah's X-96 FM. (His favorite movies are "2001," “Clerks.” and “Seven Samurai,” in case you’re wondering.)

Jeff grew up in Payson, Utah (though he enthusiastically notes that he was born in Southern California). He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with no one but himself, amongst an ever-growing pile of comic books and DVDs. It’s no wonder why he’s always trying to give some of them away!

He also considers himself to be well-versed in both pop culture and geek culture. He is also a self-professed Marvel Zombie (boo, DC Comics!), and used to be REALLY into Star Trek … at least until too many overly enthusiastic Trekkies sort of ruined it for him. He watches too much television, as well, and is obsessed with the surely-to-be-canceled "Better Off Ted."

Jeff grew up only a few miles away from Geek Show Podcast and Radio From Hell host Kerry Jackson, and went to some of the same movie showings, nerd hangouts and such, but never really “met” him until they were supposedly “adults.” He did regularly play something called “Doubles Chess” against Kerry’s cousin Leslie, who also attended Payson High School.

Prodded by Kerry, Jeff also co-hosted “Sci-Fi Sunday Nights,” a briefly lived, surprisingly fondly remembered, Utah television production in which he mugged shamelessly and offered terrible William Shatner impressions. Though Jeff has heard that his Wally Shawn impression is first-rate and he is now perfecting a Joe Mantegna one as well.

And believe it or not, Jeff was an extra in the inexplicable hit “Footloose,” which was filmed largely at Payson High School. He will not offer any substantive hints on where to find him in the movie, though. (Between you and me, he is pretty embarrassed about the bad, bad hair and clothes!)

Watch Jeff on the Big Movie Mouth Off! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Movie-Mouth-Off/137417862944619
Matt Kittensparks
Matt was too lazy to write himself a bio.
Taylor L. Ramsauer
Taylor L Ramsauer, 28, was born September 19th, 1979. He was a lover of music, photography, motorcycles and travel, among myriad other things. He was born in Portland, OR to a loving Mother and a house full of cats. He spent his boyhood days adventuring in various forests and riding bicycles with his friends. His Mother instilled in him at an early age a deep love of all kinds of music, which he turned into playing bass guitar with live bands in his teens and twenties. A need to capture the way he looked at things and saw life turned into his intense love for photography, and it only fueled his passion for travel.

In 2005, Mr. Ramsauer and his friend Eric Tomorrow started the Mediocre Show, which some enjoy, but many regard as a bad move and would like to see them burned at the stake for inflicting such intense auditory damage upon the masses. Taylor Ramsauer will be sorely missed.

He is survived by his Mother and his cat, Lucky, who hates him.