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Newest Show - Mediocre 529 (One Man, One Mic)
Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Solo show with Eric. Realtalk. Really real talk. Documentaries. 90's hardcore and punk. yah know, like i do. Jimmy went to space camp without me.

NEW HOODIES are in the store now! thanks you to all the new and old scorpions. is bringing you amazing content 24 hours a day! buy some stickers - promo code mediocre for 20% OFF!

Thank you for supporting the show, we really do appreciate it.

Join us next week live on our new High Quality stream provided on the Mediocre Radio Network!

One Man, One Mic

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Desktop Backgrounds
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

By popular request here are some desktop background images for you nation! Click on the images for a larger size. Then click the full size image and save to your computer.

Mediocre Orange
Mediocre Black
Mediocre New

Mediocre Videos
Thursday, April 25, 2013

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Scorpions of Support
Thursday, June 11, 2009
Are you a Scorpion of Support? We have had several emails from listeners asking us to create a subscription function to handle monthly donations (one listener makes a monthly donation on his own every single month) so we thought we could set it up for you through paypal. PBS does it, why can't we?

Here is the important information: The Mediocre Show will ALWAYS BE FREE to the listeners. I, Eric Tomorrow, promise you that. This subscription is for people who wish to help out the show with some of the monthly costs associated with doing the Mediocre Show. This is not something that is required, and if you choose to not use the subscription service, you will not miss out on the show. What the subscription will get you, is periodic merchandise specifically for the Scorpions of Support (this will not be every month, but occasionally i will send out an email to the scorpions to ask them to send me their current address and other information i may need to send you a gift.) Mostly what you'll get is the knowledge that you support the Mediocre Show to continue on as it is now. We value the support The Nation gives us, regardless of donations or anything else, the truth is, YOU are the reason we continue to do this show.

Again: The Mediocre Show is now, and will always be free.

Currently we have 4 levels of support (if you would like a different amount, please send an email to and i can set that up for you)

Level 1: 5 dollars a month
Level 2: 10 dollars a month
Level 3: 20 dollars a month
Level 4: 30 dollars a month

Click here for Scorpions of Support subscriptions.